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KG Mechanical are dedicated marine specialists, and a quality Yanmar Dealer. We maintain all types of marine vessels from the weekend fisherman to the professional, from the part time sailor to the full time world traveller.

Being authorised dealers for YANMAR, PERKINS and IVECO marine and industrial engines and ZF marine transmissions, allows access to genuine parts and technical information.

We provide quality service for all Yanmar diesel engines, pumps, and generators. We cover Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait, Solomon Islands, North Queensland and the Northern Territory.


TNV Series 13.3-83.8hp
Durable and reliable. Lower exhaust emissions. Low noise and vibration. Agriculture, Construction, Genset, Material Handling, General use.

Model Cont. Output (HP/rpm) Bore X Stroke (mm) Displacement (Litres) Cooling Type Aspiration Dry weight (kg)
2TNV70 9.1(12.2mhp)/3600 70*74mm 0.570 Radiator Natural 84
3TNV70 6.7Kw @1500rpm 70*74mm 0.854 Radiator Natural 98
3TNV76 9.0Kw @1500rpm 76*82mm 1.116 Radiator Natural 112
3TNV82A 11.0Kw @1500rpm 82*84mm 1.331 Radiator Natural 128
3TNV88 13.5Kw @1500rpm 88*90mm 1.642 Radiator Natural 148
3TNV84T 15.8Kw @1500rpm 84*90mm 1.496 Radiator Turbocharged 159
4TNV88 18Kw @1500rpm 88*90mm 2.190 Radiator Natural 165
4TNV84T 21.3Kw @1500rpm 84*90mm 1.995 Radiator Turbocharged 170
4TNV98 34.6Kw @1500rpm 98*110mm 3.319 Radiator Natural 235
4TNV98T 42.9Kw @1500rpm 98*110mm 3.319 Radiator Turbocharged 245