On the Water, Reliability is Everything !



KG Mechanical are dedicated marine specialists, and a quality Yanmar Dealer. We maintain all types of marine vessels from the weekend fisherman to the professional, from the part time sailor to the full time world traveller.

Being authorised dealers for YANMAR, PERKINS and IVECO marine and industrial engines and ZF marine transmissions, allows access to genuine parts and technical information.

We provide quality service for all Yanmar diesel engines, pumps, and generators. We cover Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait, Solomon Islands, North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

New Pumps

Australian Designed and Assembled

Yanmar generators are purpose built to match the engine to the constant running load of the submersible pump, and alternator to the high starting capacity of the pump motor. They are built for heavy loads and long running hours and can be matched up with any of the Yanmar engine protection or control systems.


YDP SERIES- A Wide Option

Yanmar’s pump series range in bore size from 2″ to 4″ for fresh water and semi-trash models. This series of pumps can handle fresh water and gravel/trash water .


Long Running, Fuel Thrifty Diesels

Fuel-efficient diesel pumps can be operated 1.5-4 times longer than gasoline pumps. This advantage truly shows in night time and other continuous pumping operation at sites where no commercial power is available.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the inside of the casing can be done simply by just removing a few bolts. With trash pumps, the casing cover and the inner casing come in one block, so separation and fitting is very easy.


Please contact us anytime about your unique requirements.